The Cleveland Neighborhood and Art Deco

As I continue my work on my newest rehab house, 3020 Venice, I thought it appropriate to introduce this quaint historic neighborhood to my readers. Though one of the historic districts in metro OKC, it seems to be one of the lesser known ones. 

The Cleveland Neighborhood was originally organized in 5 acre lots in 1906. It then was changed to home lots between 1909-1940. Most of the area was constructed by C.B. Ward during the late 1930s. The home I am working on was in fact built at the end of the Art Deco period in 1934.

Art Deco was the most popular design style right before the Depression hit. The style combines the geometric forms of Cubism, the bright colors of Fauvism, the craftsmanship of the French aristocracy eras, the exotic styles of China, Japan, India, Persia, ancient Egypt and Mayan art. The period featured black, white and nickel silver, bronze alloy, many symbols such as the Ceres goddess, wheat, birds and eagles, exterior walls were emphasized while windows were de-emphasized. The Chrysler Building in NY and many other skyscrapers of New York and Chicago are the most iconic of this style. 

I love that Art Deco is incorporated into many of the homes in the Cleveland Neighborhood, and I hope to restore those elements present in the rehab home I'm working on. The boundaries of Cleveland include May Avenue on the west, Villa on the east, Northwest 30th on the north and Northwest 23rd on the south. Stop by and check out these beautiful homes!





Pantone's Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

I could not be more thrilled with Pantone's 2017 color selection! As a vegetarian myself, I love that the color symbolizes a fresh new year and greener food choices for the year to come. Pantone's color of the year influences all facets of our lives - art, interior design, architecture, fashion, food and more. I can't wait to watch this color unfold in the new year and help inspire others to a healthier way of living and a more natural, scenic outlook. 

New Price: 920 NW 18th Street

T  h  i  s     h  o  m  e     i  s     a  b  s  o  l  u  t  e  l  y     s  t  u  n  n  i  n  g and recently reduced in price  !       F  e  a  t  u  r  e  s     i  n  c  l  u  d  e     a     g  i  l  d  e  d     r  e  l  i  e  f  ,     c  h  e  f  '  s     k  i  t  c  h  e  n  ,     q  u  a  r  t  z     c  o  u  n  t  e  r  t  o  p  s  ,     f  a  r  m  h  o  u  s  e     s  i  n  k  ,     s  h  a  k  e  r     s  t  y  l  e     c  a  b  i  n  e  t  s  ,     a     b  u  i  l  t     i  n     r  e  f  r  i  g  e  r  a  t  o  r  /  f  r  e  e  z  e  r  ,     p  o  t     f  i  l  l  e  r  ,     c  o  f  f  e  e     b  a  r  ,     s  m  a  l  l     a  r  t     s  t  u  d  i  o  ,     t  h  i  r  d     s  t  o  r  y     g  r  e  a  t     r  o  o  m     w  i  t  h     b  a  t  h  ,     t  w  o     c  a  r     g  a  r  a  g  e     w  i  t  h     g  a  r  a  g  e     a  p  a  r  t  m  e  n  t  ,     u  p  d  a  t  e  d     e  l  e  c  t  r  i  c  a  l  ,     H  V  A  C  ,     t  a  n  k  l  e  s  s     w  a  t  e  r     h  e  a  t  e  r  ,     p  l  e  n  t  y     o  f     s  t  o  r  a  g  e     a  n  d     m  o  r  e  !     Let me know if I can show it to you in person!

This home is absolutely stunning and recently reduced in price! 

Features include a gilded relief, chef's kitchen, quartz countertops, farmhouse sink, shaker style cabinets, a built in refrigerator/freezer, pot filler, coffee bar, small art studio, third story great room with bath, two car garage with garage apartment, updated electrical, HVAC, tankless water heater, plenty of storage and more!

Let me know if I can show it to you in person!

Mesta Park in Fall: A Joy Homes OK Home Tour Event

Come join me this Sunday, November 6 from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM for the Mesta Park in Fall Home Tour Event!
Come enjoy a Snow S'more Food Truck on the house (vouchers can be picked up at the Home Tour)
and a complimentary fall family photo by The SNL Booth!


814 NW 17th Street
920 NW 18th Street
Coming soon:
434 NW 20th Street
(This home is under renovation.
424 NW 34th Street will be open to
showcase what the Heritage Hills
home will look like after rehab).

Share with your friends and family, and come enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon on Sunday!